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A platform for people from all over the world, who love Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales and work with education through playful art, creative culture and innovative ideas.

We work out of Denmark, the country of Hans Christian Andersen

We sell the new educational book: "The trick of Hans Christian Andersen"

We create "The flying suitcase" after your choice full of educational ideas

We facilitate creative courses and visits in Denmark from all over the world

Our vision is to let Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales and Danish values create a new educational wave into the future world

In schools

In universities

For teachers

For parents & grandparents

For parents & children

In modern society, we are all pressed into a linear development curve….. but in Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales, life develops in jumps


By saying to himself every time he stumbled, was thrown out, humiliated, kicked, tricked, laughed at: Gogogo! Keep on trying, keep on living, keep on loving!

Andersen writes in ”The Butterfly”: To live is not enough! One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower!

Looking particularly for his creative trick is like opening a new door and fitting his fairytales for super modern creative educational purposses – both for children and adults



The flying suitcase is for all generations together, cultures and creative minds. It is designed and equipped after Danish values, inspired by methods in Danish schools and kindergartens. All activities are descriped and explained, but can also be used freely creative, all materials are closely related to the Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales, but can also inspire new plays and innovative combinations.

"I am a clever man!" "But he is naked, yes he is naked..." from The Emperors New Clothes song

Velkommen til H. C. Andersens Bedstemor
et learning lab i dejlige omgivelser på Adelgade 13 Bogense.

Åbningstider: tors-fre-lør-søn 13-17

Her kan den nye bog: “H. C. Andersens TRICK” også købes fra 1.september.
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Meet our teachers

Benedicte Riis

Mikkel Sonne Friis

Birgitte Pliniussen

Lene Larsen

Mette Sonne Friis

Pernille Brinch

Stenia og Jorge Degas

Meet our collaboraters

Nordfyns Højskole v. Mogens Godballe

H.C.Andersen International Kindergarten Collage AIKC v. Dong Ruixiang

Mutter & Mus v. Lisa Van

Learn For Life v. Lisa Johansen


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